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UniFi Protect

UniFi’s Focus on Delivering Value and Our Commitment to User Experience Design

Perhaps the biggest technology story of this decade has been the emergence of the cloud. Applications based in the cloud have lead to breakthroughs in user experience, powering Industries from media streaming to social networks. In these applications, the cloud has enabled content distribution and user interaction with great performance on a massive scale across an entire connected world. But while cloud-centric product design originated to optimize user experience, other Industries embracing the cloud have done so for entirely different and less than admirable reasons. Specifically, the I.T. hardware Industry, leveraging much of the pervasive cloud marketing tail winds from other Industries, are aggressively pushing their own cloud based products to their customers. From a business model perspective, this makes perfect sense — why pursue a one time sale when you can sell hardware and charge people again and again in perpetuity to use the very same hardware? Perhaps even greater pressure derives from company valuation concerns. In today’s financial world, an exponentially greater valuation is attributed to a business that can successfully convince investors they have “subscribers” (re-occurring revenue) rather than plain old “customers.”

Now available at Unifi G4-PRO Camera

The performance is also best in-class as compared to other brands below

quality comparison
In addition to the G3-Flex, we have recently introduced the G4-Pro camera with 3X optical zoom and 4K resolution; now available in our early access store. We look forward to introducing the rapidly expanding UniFi Protect line of products throughout this year.

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UniFi G4 Pro

Mar 25th 2019

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